THE formula for success at Club Kongo hits the beat every time.

Regulars to Club Kongo held at the CICCIC in Taunton will know of it’s a fantastic formula - two dynamite live acts a vintage vinyl DJ, topped off with a great light show and iconic 1960’s films projected over the bands.

This night is pulled together by Tim Baigent, frontman of Palooka 5, who has worked tirelessly to get a decent music scene going in Taunton for people who want a great night out without having to travel to Bristol or Exeter. Club Kongo is proving to be a winner with sell out shows in the second half of 2018.

Tim said “I was bored of waiting for someone else to do something - so decided with a few pals to host a regular club night of our own. We’ve got to know plenty of great original live acts around the county through gigging with Palooka 5, so it was pretty easy to pull together.

"All the bands are raw, rock n roll live acts with almost all having air play on BBC Radio 6 Music.

"We have eight shows booked at CICCIC in 2019 with some cracking bands coming from all over the UK.

"My main message would be to folk, you can either chunter about a lack of culture / music scene or get off your backside and do it yourself, its the only way it will happen here in Taunton.”

Tickets are moving quickly for the next Club Kongo held on February 22 at CICCIC in Taunton, featuring Edinburgh’s ‘The Sensation Seekers’ supported by Bristol’s ‘Bullybones’ with further vinyl support DJ Luther ‘Big Dog’ Dixon.

If you like your music live and dangerous with a good crowd and a licensed bar, Club Kongo is for you.

For further details and how to buy tickets go online to