LOCAL recording artist and singer-songwriter Ange Hardy is to perform at Minehead’s Regal Theatre on Friday, September 20, as part of her 2013 Bare Foot Folk Tour.

The Somerset singer has seen great success on the folk scene this year after some time out to raise a family after her 2010 sell-out tour, Story in Song.

Emma Britton, from BBC Somerset, described the Bare Foot Folk album as “simply beautiful”.

Singing of the injustice of war, the peril of the sea and a Mother’s eternal love, Ange’s tracks blend a contemporary folk sound with traditional emotive themes.

Ange’s mesmerising combination of beautiful story-telling and delicate guitar work is propelled into the modern age through the delightful use of ‘live looping’, a little box of tricks which sits at Ange’s feet and allows her to record and instantly play back additional musical layers from the stage.

The effortlessness with which Ange builds perfectly-layered harmonies, combined with her lyrical honesty and heartfelt stories, results in an intimate evening of entertainment.

Tickets are available from www.barefootfolk.co.uk/tickets or by phoning 07514735816.