The Great Gatsby at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre

Review by Rosanna Silverlight (4/5)

BLACKEYED Theatre dazzled at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre with a glittering production of The Great Gatsby, adapted faithfully from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal novel for the company by Stephen Sharkey.

The aesthetic of the Jazz Age was captured with gorgeous costumes, a beautifully minimalistic set and atmospheric sound and lighting. And the ensemble cast of seven worked overtime, performing double- or triple-duty when it came to playing characters, also taking up various instruments for the musical numbers. Adam Jowett’s excellent work as Nick Carraway was especially impressive.

While not all of the songs hit their mark - Max Roll seemed more comfortable acting Gatsby than singing him, particularly during a Gatsby-centric number late in the first half - the majority were well chosen and arranged in keeping with both the era and the themes of the play.

Ultimately, Blackeyed Theatre succeeded in entertaining audiences with the rich decadence of Fitzgerald’s work, while also leaving them with some meaty philosophical questions at the play’s sombre close. Sharkey’s stunning adaptation deserves credit for this success - as does the vibrancy and talent of the cast and production team.