FRANK Sinatra recorded a song called Imagination.

It’s open lyrics are: “Imagination is funny, It makes a cloudy day sunny, It makes a bee think of honey, Just as I think of you. Imagination is crazy. Your whole perspective gets hazy, starts you asking a daisy.What to do, what to do...

The power of imagination and a child playing is being joined together in Little Angel Theatre’s production of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

What we see here is a world turned upside down, where black is white, square is round and Red Riding Hood is not the little girl you thought she would be. She is evil, dark and not so sweet.

Thanks to the enterprising energetic energy of Charlotte Croft who plays Robyn, we go on a journey with this nineyear-old, not through time and space but via the portal of imagination.

The story is told by Robyn who is in her bedroom.

She creates the story, forms the characters out of items in her room such as a doll who is Red Riding Hood or a teapot which is her mum, but the wolf is a hand made puppet.

Charlotte said: “What is great is I have never done a one woman show.

"This is exciting as it means I am playing for two audiences-the children and the parents as the language is complex.

"The first part is is rhyme and can be difficult to listen to and keep children’s attention.

"So it is great to hear dads laughing and mums gasping as the story unfolds.

"I can hear children saying this is not like it is in the book.

"Or saying they want to help the wolf. And that is right anything can happen and does.

“This is a journey which is made more exciting as you do not know what will happen.”

This is what Charlotte says she enjoys so much about being an actress is all about as she said: “This is alive. This is about being honesty and something which has honesty in it be it a film or a play in a theatre is beautiful.

"And that is what I am looking for as an actress.”

You can see if you go along to the TacchiMorris Arts Centre in Taunton at 2pm on March 11.

Tickets £10 adult; £8 under 16’s and £30 (family of four).

Buy online at or call the box office on 01823 414141.