Schools, shows, cafes and cricket clubs are among the many local events and groups supported by Voneus Broadband and their community engagement teams this summer

The dedicated Community Engagement Team (CET) at Voneus goes the extra mile to connect with residents, businesses, and organisations, fostering strong relationships and creating a sense of togetherness.

The teams actively engage with rural communities, while spreading the word about the company’s new ultrafast full-fibre broadband network, and are keen to support local initiatives such as fundraising activities for Brailes School.

Somerset County Gazette:

Recently, Voneus’ local CET members had a fantastic day out at the bustling Bedale's Scouts and Guilds Community Festival, where they thoroughly enjoyed participating an event that united people of all ages.

The Welsh Community Engagement team were welcomed into the Friday Venue, at Letterston’s charming community café while out and about in the area speaking to residents about the ultrafast broadband build in the area.

Impressed by this wonderful community hub, the team returned with their aprons the following week to volunteer their waiting skills, help out in the kitchen and greet locals who enjoyed the venue’s refreshments and good company.

Somerset County Gazette:

Throughout the summer, CET teams will be in attendance at various shows and events across the counties, and Voneus also aims to supply free connectivity where possible for some festivals, to enable payments and organisation to run smoothly.

Voneus understands the importance of drop-in events as well, which provide valuable opportunities for face-to-face interactions with community members. The Welsh team hosted a drop-in session for businesses and residents in the Fishguard and Goodwick areas, offering insights into Voneus' work, progress, and upcoming services. These events create a platform for open dialogue and ensure that community members are well-informed about the developments.

Voneus takes pride in supporting local organisations and initiatives, often sponsoring village sports clubs and contributing to their success. The team is always eager to hear from organisations that could benefit from Voneus' services and support, encouraging them to reach out and explore potential collaborations.

Somerset County Gazette:

One notable event where Voneus made an impact was the Junior Masterclass held at Lanercost Cricket Club with former England international Lydia Greenway to celebrate the first round of the Voneus Village Cup. The event brought together 39 junior members, their families, and friends for a day filled with cricket and excitement.

The success of this event was celebrated on ITV Borders, highlighting the importance of nurturing young talent and the role that local sporting clubs and ultrafast broadband play in building vibrant communities. Voneus believes in facilitating such opportunities for the communities they serve and continues to engage with local sports clubs to promote growth and development.

With their dedicated CET team actively involved in local activities, supporting events, and fostering connections, Voneus proves that they are more than just a broadband provider. They are a company deeply rooted in the communities they serve, striving to empower residents, businesses, and organisations with connectivity and opportunities.

In addition to their community engagement efforts, Voneus has an exciting new offer: three months of free broadband. This offer exemplifies their dedication to supporting local organisations and engaging with the communities they serve, with an additional guarantee of no price hikes!

To learn more about Voneus and their efforts to bridge the digital divide while actively engaging with communities, visit their website or reach out to their friendly team.



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