IF you are looking for a night out filled with dancing, laughter and fun then Bonkers Bingo is something you need to try.

Myself and three friends took to Mecca Bingo in Taunton on Saturday (October 14) night to see how bonkers this Bonkers Bingo really was.

The Oxford Dictionary gives the definition of bonkers as mad or crazy. And sure, that fits. It was a bonkers evening.

Somerset County Gazette: There was some great dancing!There was some great dancing! (Image: NQ Staff)


The event was billed to start at 9pm, however on arrival we were told it was actually 9.15pm. No matter, one more quick pint at a nearby local and we were back.

You're tickets are scanned, wristbands put on and then you purchase your bingo tickets. £1 per person. You can also buy light-up accessories (sunglasses, headbands etc.) at the front desk.

From there you are shown into the room and to a table, and then of course to the bar. They had a great deal on, two for £6 on a list of 20 drinks (this is available UK wide at all Mecca establishments).

A DJ was playing music as soon as we got there and all the action kicked off at around 10pm.

The hosts

Our hosts and bingo callers for the evening were Raven Rains and Tom Levi. They were both brilliant. They made the crowd laugh, dance and the pair were very engaging.

Somerset County Gazette: Tom and Raven were our hosts.Tom and Raven were our hosts. (Image: NQ Staff)

They introduced the evening at the start, providing some questionable house rules (from memory, one was if you aren't here to have fun then * off). From there they initiated a dance break before getting into the bingo.

I also want to shout out the staff at Mecca Bingo in Taunton. They were all helpful, friendly and got involved in the evening, well done and thankyou.

The prizes

Okay, so if you thought 'I should go to Bonkers Bingo for a chance to win some cash', then think again. The prizes on offer consisted of a pair of bear slippers, a children's scooter, and a life-size cut out of Mr Bean.

However, the final prize of the night was a good one - a luxury glamping break. Congratulations to the winner of that one!

The price

The cost of all this? Well for an early bird ticket, it will cost you just £6! After the early bird finishes, a standard seat is £12 per person, and a premium seat is £15 per person. And the bingo cards are an optional £1 purchase each on the night.

So yes, it is more expensive than a typical night out at the pub, but it is also way more fun. So I think it was worth it. For more information, or to check when Bonkers Bingo is coming to you, click here.

Somerset County Gazette: Confetti time!Confetti time! (Image: NQ Staff)

Overall thoughts

It was GREAT! Our party of four all really enjoyed ourselves. Perhaps we were buoyed by that good drinks offer I mentioned earlier. But it was a great time.

As said already, the hosts were great, the music was flowing and the dance breaks were plentiful. All in all a good time.

The Mecca Bingo website states: "It’s a fun-fuelled night of bingo (obvs), drinks, food, dance offs, mad games and so much more."

And in fairness, that sums it up. It will only be as fun as you make it though, something to keep in mind. But give it a go! Why not!