AWARD-WINNING comedian Jo Caulfield will be bringing her funnybones back to Bridgwater fresh from a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Jo, a seasoned pro in her game, has been touring with her new show 'The Customer is Always Wrong', and will be performing at the Bridgwater Arts Centre on Friday, November 18 and the Merlin Theatre in Frome on Saturday, November 19.

"I suppose it should really be called, 'I'm always wrong', although I'm not, I would say I'm always right but in today's world it does seem like the customer is always wrong," she said.

"I'm not a huge fan of the overly friendly customer service that seems to be the norm nowadays because I don't think it is customer service, it's not for the benefit of the customer, its set up for the people in customer service.

hen I catch up with Jo she's waiting on a plane back to her home in Edinburgh before setting off again to visit Somerset on Friday.

She was born to Irish parents in Wales and spent a lot of her childhood moving around.

She added: "I guess I've never really found anywhere that's been like home, I am on tour and on the road a lot and I never think oh I must rush home because this is just such a big part of what I do.

"I really love Edinburgh though, it's a great place to be a comedian, and especially for the Fringe Festival as it does mean I am actually in one place for a month.

"But I could probably move again.

“I’ve chosen towns that I’ve enjoyed visiting before and have had a nice time – largely to point out to the people there that the rest of the world isn’t as nice as they are.

"I've been to Bridgwater before and I really liked it.

"There's a lot of history here which really interests me and I really enjoy going around the town and picking up on things and then talking and joking about them in my show to see if people feel the same way as I do.

"Because often, if you find something weird or unusual, the chances are that other people will too.

"For example, and I can see one now, I don't understand this new trend of wearing jumpers with holes in the shoulders.

"Has there ever been a temperature where you think you need to have your shoulders out because they're really hot and the rest of you isn't?"

So what can audiences look forward to this Friday and Saturday?

From arguments in shops and being insulted in a nightclub to trying to reign in her husband’s increasingly alarming get-rich-quick schemes, a lot can go wrong in everyday life.

As a busy touring comedian that she’s encountered a lot of bad – and down right weird – customer service, some of which forms the inspiration for this show.

"Some of the run-ins I’ve had this year have made me nostalgic for that faux friendliness – I’m still not sure how I managed to end up having a massive argument in a shop as the result of trying to buy new boots, but I’ll be talking about that in the show.

"I'll also be talking about how a late night drink with a friend ended up with me paying £25 for a lap-dance.

"I was with a bunch of male comedians and the bouncer at the club we were at took us to a gentleman's club and I don't think any of us realised what this was.

"I think they were too embarrassed to say anything when we got there and when this girl started dancing near us.

"I was giving her the thumbs up and trying to be encouraging which I also didn't realise meant she would be coming to give me a dance.

"It made a pretty funny story when I had to go home to my husband and explain what had happened."

Jo is no stranger to the stage or screen, as a writer on the Graham Norton show, and has had numerous appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Mock the Week to name a few.

She's also be nominated as the Funniest Woman in 2010, Best Female Comedian and one of The 100 Greatest Stand-Ups,.

But what's been her favourite moment.

She recalls: "I used to be a writer for the Graham Norton show and one night Chris Rock was on.

"I'd been performing at the Comedy Club in London that week and I didn't know that he was in the show watching me.

"And I wasn't usually allowed to go and talk to the guests but he actually came up to me and said he'd seen my show and that he really enjoyed it.

"Just little things like that really make you feel great."

Bridgwater Arts Centre, Friday, November 18 at 8pm.