IT’S something most of us are desperate to do throughout all aspects of our life – fit in.

But for one comedian, she’s done with trying to fit in and instead is embracing the fact that she never has done and never will – and she couldn’t be happier.

Zoe Lyons is one of Britain’s finest stand-up comedians, and like her counterparts, takes a sideways view of life to bring comedy to the masses.

Her latest tour, Little Misfits , was met with much acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and will be visiting Bridgwater in May.

Zoe, 45, said: “I grew up never really feeling part of the gang.

“I was the awkward gay kid at school with a different accent and quite a severe bout of alopecia.

“It’s never easy for a girl to fit in if she is sporting a massive comb over.

“But the show is about me having reached a point in life where I no longer care if I’m part of a group or a gang and about being happy as who I am.

“The tour is going really well and I’m looking forward to coming to Bridgwater.

“I can’t actually remember if I have been here before, but I’d take that as a good sign because I often only remember places if it’s been a bit of a disparaging experience.”

Somerset County Gazette: ZOE LYONS

Zoe’s been on the comedy circuit for just over 15 years now and has won plenty of awards, including the Chortle Best Club Comic Award in 2016.

But does she still feel there’s a level playing field for comedians?

She added: “I still think that women are more harshly judged on subjects that we talk about.

“I talk a lot about myself and I’ve never been a bloke so it’s difficult to say what I might talk about. If men had to go through the menopause, it would be in every show going and it would be all they would talk about.

“But for a woman you are judged far more harshly and people are much quicker to judge.

“But I think it means that women have produced a far broader range of comedy, much like at school where we’re now overtaking boys.

“You’re pushed into a corner but I just take it all with a pinch of salt, comedy is so subjective anyway.”

As well as touring, Zoe is well known for her appearances on shows including Mock The Week and Live at the Apollo .

She’ll also be back on our screens on April 2 for the Cancer Research UK Boat Races where Zoe is in one of the teams.

But how did she get into comedy?

“It was really my only possible outlet for life,” Zoe adds.

“I could never have done the whole office thing and sitting behind a desk and I couldn’t have worked for anyone else.

“Comedy was something that I actually fancied doing.

“After university I did a two- year drama course and I really loved playing the comedic roles.

“I started going to open mic nights to watch stand up and decided that’s what I wanted to do.

“I never had a Plan B which I think is actually a good thing because if you don’t have one you just keep ploughing on.”

Somerset County Gazette:

As well as continuing her Little Misfits tour around the country, Zoe is headed off to New Zealand in April for the Comedy Festival, and said she is currently working on lots of TV and radio shows and appearances.

She added: “I’m just starting to work on new material for next year as well.

“Comedy is great because it brings you lots of different opportunities in life and I’m getting to do lots of new things which I’m really enjoying.

“I’ve been able to see a lot of places and a lot of motorway services too.

“My favourite one is the one on the Cumbrian border, it’s a farm shop and it’s lovely.

“One thing that definitely has improved the past 15 years are motorway services, there’s lots of handy Waitrose stores now which is great.”

  • Zoe Lyons will be bringing Little Misfits to the Bridgwater Arts Centre on May 18 at 8pm.

Tickets cost £15 and are available now by visiting or call 01278 422700.