THERE can only be a few people in the world who can describe the 45th President of the United States as ‘a 14 year old boy who cannot get off Twitter’.

The one person in question who can do this is comedian Rich Hall when describing the antics of Donald Trump.

He mentioned ‘The Donald’ while answering a question about why he thought people were hooked to their phones nearly every hour and every minute of the day.

Rich said: “There is so much gossip going on but it is about nothing.

“I don’t know why people are addicted to them but it has had an effect on people.

“Donald Trump is like a 14-year-old who can’t get off his phone. He sees something and has to tweet. I guess everybody wants to be published and have their two cents.”

Welcome to the world of Rich Hall, which I have to admit is a good place to be.

Somerset County Gazette:

Rich felt with Trump being elected in the USA there has been an increase in political comedy but did not see himself as a political comic.

He said: “There is more political comedy going on with Trump but you have to be very selective with what you choose to do.

“You have to choose the most appropriate things and not just focus on Trump’s hair , things are way beyond that.

“Comedy thrives in times of restlessness and this is one of these occasions.

“We are dealing with a very petty person but who holds the most important office in the world.

“It is making the world a scary place and if you don’t laugh then what are you going to do.

“I am not going to change the world with my comedy but people go way from the shows laughing and that is important.

“I try and keep it different every night. I do not going on stage and mouth the same things night after night. If I did that it would lead to burn out.

“There is a freedom for me, as on stage and I can try something different and if people don’t like it then I can recover quickly.

“Lots of comedians put together a show which they have done in the build up to Edinburgh before taking it on the road. I don’t do this and like to react to things which are happening in the world.”

The man himself is on the road and heading towards Somerset.

He will be bringing Rich Hall’s Hoedown to the Westlands in Yeovil on April 1.

Somerset County Gazette:

The show for those who are going or those are thinking about going along is 50 per cent stand up comedy and 50 per cent music.

The second section is totally improvised as Rich and his band take information from the audience such as where they are, what they do, and then weave a story with it and come up with a song.

As Rich explained: “It is a different form of comedy which is really fun.

“It is two different styles (comedy and music) which people seem to really enjoy.

“When I am on stage I never really step back from comedy and think about what I am doing and think to myself this is good, but when it comes to music you can do that as you are with a band and are in a groove.

“I can say Hey guys this is working lets keep it going.”

Rich has also made a name of himself for his documentaries which have been shown on BBC Four.

These have included: Rich Hall’s How the West Was Lost; Rich Hall’s The Dirty South; Rich Hall’s Inventing the Indian; Rich Hall’s You Can Go To Hell, I’m Going To Texas ; Rich Hall’s California Stars; Rich Hall’s Presidential Grudge Match and Rich Hall’s Countrier Than You.

Speaking about his documentary work Rich said: “I like to take a subject which interests me and then do lots of research.

“It means sitting in libraries doing a lot of reading. That is my approach lots of research and a strong script.

“You need to keep people interested.

“I am currently working with the BBC about doing a documentary about the US/ Mexican border.

“The history of the border had changed lots as it has moved up and down.

“There is a different culture there and a different music which comes out of this border area.

“There is also a black economy there. Building a wall will not stop people getting into America, if they want to get in they will find a way.”

Rich has scored a lot of success with his comedy both in America and in the UK.

He won Perrier Comedy Award in 2000 and has appeared on a variety of television shows and has toured extensively.

But what does comedy mean to him?

Explaining this Rich said: “Comedy for me is just a thing I do.

“I never really think about it, it is just something I do.

“I used to work for a newspaper, The Seattle Post Enquirer. I wrote a column and then started worked for them.

“I had to cover a water skiing squirrel and by then I felt I knew how it worked.

“I think I wanted to become a stand up from doing the column and felt I could become funnier.

“There is no where better for getting a reaction than on stage, the audience either laugh or they don’t.”

- Rich Hall’s Hoedown will be at the Westlands in Yeovil on April 1.

Tickets cost £18.50 and can be bought online at westlandsyeovil. or by calling the box office on 01935 422884.