SAM Bailey is known to everyone as the powerful singer who wowed judges and viewers of the X Factor in 2013.

Sam will be visiting the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil on April 27, to perform her new show Sing Your Heart Out.

She had her big break in 2013 when she took part in the tenth series of the X Factor.

The mum wowed judges on the popular ITV show with her powerful performance of Beyoncé’s ‘Listen’.

Gary Barlow described her voice as “incredible” and Sam had a standing ovation.

Under the guidance of Sharon Osborne she captured the hearts of viewers, quickly becoming a favourite contestant, and received more than a million votes over the course of the final weekend to be crowned winner.

Speaking about the X Factor, she said: “I have never moved on from it and I hope I never do.

I would never say anything bad about it, I would never bite the hand which fed me.

Somerset County Gazette:

“I hope I never move away from it. I love it and that was the show which got me started.

“My love of singing has always been there. For me it is a release, it helps me get into the zone and I do not have to thinking about anything else except singing.

“Singing is a way of expressing myself, it is therapeutic and it helps me to channel and vent any emotions I have.

“When I come off stage I am exhausted, I have given everything I can and left nothing behind.

“Singing is what I enjoy. It is something I do and I love an audiences reaction when I sing. Sometime they give me a standing ovation half way through a show and I have to tell them to save it until the end. It is a great feeling knowing people have come to see me.”

Following her victory, Sam’s debut single, ‘Skyscraper’, reached Christmas number one and her debut album, The Power of Love stormed to the top of the UK album charts in 2014.

Getting the Christmas number one is something which Sam is very proud of.

She said: “I was a Christmas number one and as a result I will always been a quiz question and made it into the Guinness Book of Record.

“I have a copy of the book which I signed and gave to my daughter.”

Somerset County Gazette:

But did you also know she was once a prison guard and a very successful footballer?

Before her glamorous path down fame, she worked as a former prison officer at HM Prison Gartree in Leicestershire.

She was also a professional woman’s footballer having played for Millwall Lionesses, West Ham, Crystal Palace and London Women.

She said: “There are a lot more female prison officers working in the prison system than you would imagine.

“Many would think this is not a job for a woman but the most powerful tool you need to do the job is your gob.

“You need to be diplomatic and be able to talk to someone diplomatically and treat them with empathy.

“Having done this job it did help me by being in the public eye especially as a woman in a prison means people trying to knock you down.

Speaking about her footballing skills, the former left midfielder said she loved playing and misses being out on the pitch.

In fact Sam explained she was dusting her football boots to get back in action by playing in three celebrity matches in May at Southampton, Norwich and in Leicester.

One of the good things which Sam is doing with this tour is at every venue she is playing she is giving a different star of the future a chance to perform on a big stage.

Sam wants to give then the X Factor feeling she had by letting an audience see what they can do and possibly unveil a star of the future today.

South West talent Olivia will be joining Sam for the potentially life-changing performance in Yeovil.

Sam added: “I think when people come to see my show it will not be like what they have seen me do on television.

“I have never been to Yeovil before so I will have my cherry popped.”

- Tickets for Sing My Heart Out on April 27, cost £30.50 with VIP Packages at £76.

For further details and to buy tickets, call the box office on 01935 422884.