ADRENALINE junkies get their kicks on Route 66, jumping off bridges attached to a bungee or snowboarding down a mountain.

While Ellie Kendrick, the actress who is famous for playing Meera Reed in Games of Thrones, is not in this league for extreme sport lovers, she did confess to being addicted to seeing how far she can be pushed emotionally and physically as an actress.

Thanks to the film The Levelling, the actress literally got her very own adrenaline rush by being taken on an emotional acting rollercoaster which took her a few days to recover from.

Speaking about this, Ellie said: “When I first read the script I thought it was interesting and I was intrigued with my character.

“There was a real mystery about her which was exciting and I was intrigued by this. I really wanted to do it.

“This was dealing with grief in a way I had never seen before and Clover at one time tries to be a detective in solving this mystery but she soon sees the errors of her ways..

“Clover only seems to think in terms of logic and facts and has a logical fluidity but is emotionally illiterate.

Somerset County Gazette:

“It was physically and emotionally draining as I had to be up at 5am every day and the film was pushing me to places which were very emotional but this for me was all very addictive.

“I think you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink and I feel this is true with Clover.

“She had to do what she had to as she had to make a decision.

She had to talk and she had to open up which for her was so terrifying.

“She had reached the point of no return until she realises she could lose everything unless she opened up and become vulnerable.

“Only she can make this decision. At one time she thought she was the judge but she turned out to be in the witness box.

“It was taking me to the edge of what I could bare.

“I am not a thrill seeker where I jump off a bridge attached to a bungee so for me this was an adrenaline rush. It was an intense experience. Afterwards it was difficult to let go with a character I was so emotionally attached to.

“A day and a half later I had to go back to filming Game of Thrones as the turn around was so fast. I did not know I would have become so emotionally attached to this character.”

Somerset County Gazette:

The Levelling is a British drama set in the beautiful landscapes of Somerset. Trainee veterinarian Clover Catto (Ellie Kendrick, Game of Thrones) returns home one day to the farm where she grew up after hearing news that her brother Harry has passed away.

Finding the family home in ruins following recent floods that devastated the area, Clover is forced to confront her father Aubrey (David Troughton, The Hollow Crown) and the dark cloud that hangs over the farm.

As time passes, Clover’s discoveries send her on a journey of reckoning - with the land, her family and herself.

In a nutshell that is the story, but this only gives you a flavour of the film but cannot reveal the emotional highs and lows this film will take you on.

Explaining what she learnt about herself and what emotions she went through via this film, Ellie said: “I learnt how to milk cows but that would be rather a flippant answer.

“I think what I really learnt was this was a very intense role.

“There are not many film roles where you are involved every day and as such I had to be really disciplined.

“When you are making a film you can shoot six scenes but they are not in any order and are mixed up.

“They will be from different parts of the film and I need to know from a practical angle what is happening.

“I like to listen to music when I am doing a film, sometimes every day and even in between takes.

“I helps give me a clear perspective of what is happening and it allows me to bring everything together and open what the character is thinking.

“I hope what I have been able to achieve through the film is to do justice to the story not only to the story but the devastating effect the floods had on people in the area.”

The Levelling will open in cinemas across the UK on Friday, May 12.