THERE is a poignant and touching song by Elvis Presley called The Fair Is Moving On.

You’ll find it on his From Elvis in Memphis LP - the Legacy Edition.

The opening lyrics are: “All the rides are over and done It’s late and no prizes are left to be won.

The rides are closed, it’s the end of the day “The horses are moving away “Yes the fair’s moving on And I’ll soon be gone “Remember the love that we’ve known...”

This remembrance of a love which might have faded or jaded is what Elio Pace wants to reinvigorate in his world exclusive show Elio Pace presents Elvis Presley.

Elio wants to reignite people’s love not just for Elvis but their love for his music.

And the way Elio aims to do this is as he said: “This show is brand new and is presenting Elvis Presley’s music in a way it has not been done before.

Somerset County Gazette:

“What I want to do is to show people what amazing songs he sung and I want to perform some which you never get to hear.

“I want to strip back the songs so they are raw - just a voice, a piano and drums on stage.

“There are no bells and whistle it is just a voice and instruments.

“It is about presenting music in a folk tradition.

“That tradition of a minstrel performing a song without any of the glitz or glamour.

"What you will get is a sound stripped back which is just a voice and two instruments. It will be a chance for the audience to listen to Elvis’s music in its most organic form.

“No one in the world has ever presented Elvis Presley in this way.

“There are only two shows this year but maybe next year or in 2019 I will tour with this show.”

One of the two performances will be at the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton on August 17, the first being at The Capitol in Horsham on August 16.

Somerset County Gazette:

When other theatres around the UK heard of Elio’s new show they were contacting him to perform at their theatre.

But the Brewhouse in Taunton beat them all to the punch.

When Elio was at the Brewhouse in March he was told the theatre would love him to do his show in Taunton and one of the reasons was the theatre was celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The 40th anniversary was significant as 2017 is the 40th anniversary of Elvis’s death - he died on August 16, 1977.

It was Presley’s death in 1977 which was the spark for the nine-year-old Elio to be aware of and to start appreciate the music which Elvis created.

He said: “Elvis was my first musical idol. We always had music in my house as both my parents were Italian and I grew up with music.

“The first Elvis LP I bought was a double LP Elvis in Concert.

“When I was told the Brewhouse was celebrating its 40th anniversary I was delighted to be appearing here.

"One of my jobs when I was 21-years-old was appearing at the Brewhouse in a Rock n Roll revival show starring Mike Berry the 1960s pop star.

Somerset County Gazette:

“The next time I came back was when I first played there with the Billy Joel Songbook last year.

"So I am very excited to be back again in this special year.

“I am really looking forward to the show as something like this has never been done before in the world.”

To give me a sneak preview of what it would sound like Elio sang some verses of two songs down the phone. The first Peace in the Valley and second was Need your Love Tonight.

Elio is a big Elvis fan and has every one of the 483 Presley recorded including a number of outtakes and different versions.

He has even been to Graceland (Elvis’s home) twice and visited Sun records where Elvis recorded a number of his early hits.

Somerset County Gazette:

Elio wants the new show to impress audiences as well as bringing them back to the music.

He said: “What I want this show to be is all about the music.

“When these two shows take place, the whole world will be talking about Elvis as it will be 40th anniversary of his death.

And I wanted to be part for this anniversary.”

Tickets for Elio Pace presents Elvis Presley cost £23.50 for adults, £21 for students and £21 for seniors.

To buy tickets go online at or call the box office on 01823 283 244.