WHEN George Bush Senior was President of the United States of America he and his wife Barbara had a running feud with the Simpson.

Mrs. Bush told reporters The Simpsons is the dumbest thing I have ever seen!’ This attack did not go unnoticed by the producers of The Simpsons.

A few days later, an angry letter was sent to Mrs. Bush signed by Marge Simpson defending herself and her family.

Two weeks later, Mrs. Bush apologized to the Simpsons and to Marge for ‘my loose tongue.’ This was not the end of The Bush-Simpson feud.

At the Republican National Convention in 1992, George Bush Sr. told the delegates and the world that ‘We need a nation closer to the Waltons than to the Simpsons!’”

The Simpsons did live across the road from the ex-President in Too Bad Neighbors.

25 years later, you gotta ask yourself and Ex-President Bush,how is this working out?

The answer is The Simpsons has been on television since December 17, 1989 and is still going strong.

This is the type of Super Nerd Trivia which Australian comedy Yianni Agisilaou would already know and could reel off 10 more things about The Simpson you never ever knew.

He is a Simpson Nerd and proud of it- for him it is a badge of honour. One of the reasons he is on the ball with The Simpson is his latest UK tour is called The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I Know.

Yianni will bring his Simpsons show to The Bike Shed in Exeter on Sunday, September 24.

Somerset County Gazette:

Talking about The Simpsons, Yianni said: “The Simpsons are like an exercise in stupidity.

Like most humans these people clearly make poor decisions.

“I have been watching the show since I was 10 years old and I am now 39-years-old.

"It is interesting how I have matured along side the show and it has helped me embrace my stupidity.

"When you are young one of the things you are terrified of is being is being made to look stupid.

"Now I am older I know I am a fool and idiot.

By learning about my stupidity it has humanized me.

“The Simpsons teaches you lessons by showing you the opposite of the truth with super good lines which are half truths.

“My top two lessons you would learn from the Simpsons are don’t give up on anything and you cannot go wrong appealing to the lowest common denominator.”

Yianni first discovered The Simpsons while at the cinema and an episode of the show was played as short before the main film.

He did not see the show for over a year before it was on television in Australia.

During his on stage performance, he gets two audience members to ask questions about The Simpsons.

They can ask the hardest questions they like but Yianni knows a huge amount of the answers.

Somerset County Gazette:

Giving one of his favourite Simpsons trivia facts he explained Michael Jackson appeared in Stark Raving Dad (Season 3) in which he sang Happy Birthday to Lisa.

But he did not sing Happy Birthday Lisa.

This was a sound alike who Michael Jackson brought with him.

The reason was his record company would not allow him to sing the song.

But at the end his character Leon Kompowsky sang a quick version of Happy Birthday Lisa and that was really Michael Jackson in his real voice.

Yianni does not just do shows about The Simpsons, he is by trade a stand up comedian and has done sell out runs in at the Edinburgh, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth comedy festivals.

Giving his appreciation of what comedy means to him, he said: “There are two answers, one technical and one humourous.

“The first is comedy is like a game where you are fooling people and are trying to pull the rug from under their feet.

"That is a bit like life which is uncertain and you never know what is around the next corner.

"Humour helps people to deal with that situation and to run different scenarios in their mind as to what could happen in this or that situation.”

Tickets for Yianni’s show at The Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter cost £10-£12.

Booked online at bikeshedtheatre.co.uk or call 01392 434169.

Somerset County Gazette:

- Exclusively for The Guide, Yianni chose his top ten Simpson episodes:

1: Season 2, Episode 19 - Lisa’s Substitute - Not the biggest laugh out loud episode, but has real heart plus amazing guest star Dustin Hoffman (credited as ‘Sam Etic’ Semitic. Geddit?)

2: Season 3, Episode 18 - Separate Vocations - The bizarro pairing of Lisa using her intelligence for evil and Bart as an authority figure make for a great episode.

3:Season 4, Episode 12 - Marge vs the Monorail- Joke after hilarious joke, an instant Conan O’Brien classic.

4: Season 4, Episode 20 - Whacking Day - Boy did this one get a workout on the VCR in the mid 90s. Whack, whack, WHACK! Woo, woo, woo!!

5: Season 5, Episode 2 - Cape Feare. The best Sideshow Bob episode. Enough said.

6: Season 5, Episode 3 - Homer goes to college- Another Conan special, what a perfect premise. Homer imagines college is like frat movies. Hilarity ensues.

7: Season 5, Episode 4 - Rosebud - Maggie ends up with Mr Burns teddy bear ‘Bobo’ A perfect homage to ‘Citizen Kane’

8: Season 6, Episode 11 - Homer Badman - Homer getting accused of sexual harassment facilitates a perfect parody of trial by mob and media.

9: Season 6, Episode 23 - Treehouse of Horror V- The Shining parody, the time travelling toaster and teachers eating students make the best halloween episode.

10: Season 8, Episode 2 - You only move twice - Albert Brooks best guest role as Hank Scorpio sees Homer work for a Bond style super villain.