A HEALTH revolution is heading to Bridgwater.

It will arrive on April 28 at the McMillan Theatre in the shape of Dr Phil Hammond.

Dr Phil is an NHS doctor, comedian, journalist, broadcaster and campaigner.

He was a GP for 20 years and now works in a hospital treating young people with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME.

Phil has been Private Eye’s medical correspondent for 24 years, breaking the story of the Bristol heart scandal in 1992.

He started as a comedian in 1990 with Tony Gardner in Struck Off and Die and is now on his fourth UK solo tour with ‘Dr Phil’s Health Revolution.

Speaking about what people can expect from his show, Dr Phil said: “Access to a doctor. It’s hard getting in to see a doctor these days, so I always bring my black bag, prescription pad and sick notes. I tend to get problems from the audience, rather than heckles, and my changing room is open for swabs during the interval.

“Most of the material has a medical theme but it’s accessible to everyone. I aim for funny, therapeutic comedy with a message.

“I’m a firm believer in demystifying medicine and destigmatising illness. “I talk about all the things British people struggle with – mental illness, sexual health, death and properly funding our NHS.”

And who is Phil’s inspiration: “Steve Bolsin, the whistleblowing anaesthetist who raised concerns about heart surgery in Bristol in 1992.

He taught me to never lose sight of the patient and to speak the truth no matter the personal consequences. He spoke up about the number of babies who were dying and sacrificed his NHS career in doing so. We need to celebrate those who stand up to poor care.”

Tickets cost £15 - £12 and can be booked by calling 01278 556677 or online at mcmillantheatre.com