IN response to ‘Views From Westminster’ and our local MP’s statement in last week’s County Gazette, I would like to mention the following:

While it appears to be one step in the right direction that Highways England is now allowing a second consultation with more options for the A358, it would be interesting to know why it has taken so long. 

It was never going to be acceptable to consult on only one option which did nothing for Taunton

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Why did the local MP not take the opportunity to express the concerns of her constituents and the unfair consultation in Prime Ministers Questions (on July 19, 2017), where she strongly praised the developments in Taunton Deane that reflect a strong economy including ‘record Government investment in road schemes such as the A358 upgrade and the expansion of Junction 25’?

Why did she not take the opportunity to express the mishandling of the consultation rather than praising the efforts of the Government’s supposed investment?

It was the perfect opportunity to voice concern and she remained silent.