AS many students, including myself, celebrate their A level results, it still remains that our academic year group has been at the mercy of political whim and exam board chaos. 

The lack of proofreading led to clear errors, e.g. in the OCR Biology exam where students were asked to perform a calculation with no formula - contrary to what the specification stated.

Ambiguous wording and limited specimen papers that were of poor quality also disadvantaged students. 

Students have been affected by the choice of exam boards; how can equality of grades occur when different exams are sat? 

A Scottish system of one exam board is needed to ensure equality of grades whilst the education system needs to be protected from political decision making. 

An independent body, such as an Education Standards Authority that the LibDems propose, is required to avoid new systems and examinations being rushed in because the government in power desires reform; education should not be at the mercy of politics.