I THOUGHT that I was past writing to newspapers to protest at what I considered dangerous or non-sensible events.

However, a recent local TV news programme portrayed a primary school where children were supported/encouraged with transgender options: Boys, it said, would be permitted to wear skirts.

If so, what sort of reaction, bullying and teasing etc, might this provoke?

As to the depth of this activity, I have no knowledge, but I am alarmed if parents have in any way contributed to this unhealthy and unqualified distraction of young children, whose function in school is to learn scholastic subjects for their edification and later careers.

It should need no further comment here than to say teachers teach subjects, not culture.

Who then is accountable for usurping parents’ control and welfare of their children?

I don’t think I am alone in concerns about the confused and confusing moral and social standards which are destroying all erstwhile normal behaviour and development and are dangerously close to sliding society into anarchy?

Timidity and gullibility do no good.

Too easily we are accused of bigotry; racism and homophobia simply for trusting our millennia-old instincts to protect ourselves from unknown alien and possibly harmful influences.

Live and let live is a natural and commendable enlightened philosophy - as long as one person’s freedom to do so does not impose adversely upon another’s freedom.

It has become too easy also to claim to be offended simply by another’s opposition or criticism of personal views and activities. Thus frustrating the right to defend oneself.

We need more accountability also from our law-makers who are eroding our ancient rights to free speech and are too liberal with writing into law prohibitions which stultify normal comprehension and common sense.

The general public appears to lack powerful proven academic leadership from professorial elites to speak out and protect educational and social standards.

Politicians over decades have failed and are still failing.