AS much as many of us multi-culturalist, liberal-minded British folk are perturbed at Trump’s and Brexit’s brash anti-immigration stances and the accompanying general European political move towards nationalistic right-wing popularism, the latest news from Germany’s elections on Sunday are far more worrying and give out much stronger warning of civil hate-wars ahead.

For the extreme right newly-founded party, Alternative for Germany, to grow from virtually nothing to over a 13 per cent vote and first-time representation in national parliament to the tune of nearly 90 MPs out of 631, coupled with the rise of new German Nazism (well described in Panorama’s recent documentary), worrying disruptive times ahead seem inevitable.

In the context of Germany’s post-war comprehensive peace commitment, any kind of possible return to fascism would be a severe set-back, with repercussions echoing around the rest of Europe, probably giving much extra support to other prominent hard right parties.

What’s the answer to all this?

Good liberal-minded people everywhere – certainly in easy-going Somerset – must wake-up to the danger and fight-back in solidarity against all racial and anti-immigrant hatred of any kind.

Also, all of us should openly show our support for multiculturalism in as many ways as possible, certainly doing everything we can to help and promote cultural integration at all levels and at all times.

Real understanding of where each side is coming from is so important.

There is an excellent English version of Islam’s Qu’ran in Somerset library which is well worth a read and, equally for all zealots/fanatics of so-called ‘faith’ religions, copies of Richard Dawkins’s world best-selling God Delusion ought to constitute compulsory study.

Staying clear of non-evidence based morality and plain bigotry is another essential integrationist tool.