HOW easy it must be if one is on the extreme left of politics to claim occupation of the moral ‘high ground’; as Alan Debenham considers he does in September 28 issue.

However, the extreme left is better known for its ability to abuse the English Language.

Writing of ‘multiculturalism’, Mr Debenham says, “Real understanding of where each side is coming from is so important”, before continuing to recommend we read the Taunton Library copy of the Qu’ran (sic); in order to, presumably, establish where Islam is “coming from”.

I would, first, wish to know which edition Taunton Library owns, and – if donated – by whom it was donated.

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There are, possibly, as many translations of the Qur’an into English, as there are of the Hebrew and Koine Greek scriptures. My own copy is the translation, from the Arabic, by N J Dawood, first published by Penguin Classics in 1956; and I have had this translation since my days studying Religion between 1971-1974.

In 1995, feeling that I ought to update myself on Islam, and not just depend on the barbarism and cruelties in the Qur’an, I purchased the Theologian, John Bowker’s What Muslims Believe; and – if Mr Debenham truly seeks “a real understanding of where Islam is coming from” – then I suggest he reads that, in conjunction with an accurate translation of the Qur’an. He should also acquaint himself with the Islamic doctrine of Taqiya (dissembling for the Faith).

Believe me, Mr Debenham, Islam prescribes the ‘cure’ for the thirty-five years my male partner and I have shared together, to be death. Ali and Abu Bakr prescribe burning with fire; while Ibn ‘Abbaas prefers us to be thrown from a high place, and then – should we survive – to be stoned.

I realise stating these facts renders me ‘far right’ in the views of the ‘extreme left’ and the London Broadcasting Corporation (previously the BBC); but facts are facts.