IN his letter (Speed limit warning for village, County Gazette, October 12), Mike Palmer assumes upon himself to issue a warning to drivers regarding downgrading of the long established 40mph speed limit between Norton Fitzwarren and Cross Keys.

He then takes a very high-handed approach in lecturing motorists about the Highway Code and accuses ‘most drivers in the Norton area’ of attaching greater importance to their mobile phones than 'watching their speedometer or watching for old age pensioners crossing the road'.

This is highly insulting to the majority of motorists and he should issue an appropriate apology as a matter of urgency and decency. He should, perhaps, also refrain from such public accusations.

As regards downgrading the speed limit without a period of prior onsite notification to motorists, I believe such a move is both legally and morally wrong and needs to be challenged.

Without prior notification, regular users of the road who have not been made aware of the change will be subject to the feeding frenzy of the £60 speeding ticket brigade that will surely follow.

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As regards Mr Palmer’s role in this, he has, of course, not acted alone (despite the inference from his comments).

The move to downgrade the 40mph stretch has been pursued by Norton Fitzwarren Parish Council (of which Mr Palmer is a member) and by county councillor Mike Rigby.

It is my understanding that Mr Palmer is in line to take over the chair of the parish council in 2018. Heaven help us if this personal vendetta will be typical of his actions and responsibility in that position!

Unfortunately, elections for membership of the parish council have been undersubscribed for many years, depriving parishioners of the chance to elect representatives who will put forward their views and wishes.

Perhaps at the next election, the attitude of Mr Palmer will spur others to come forward - with younger members particularly needed!

Norton Fitzwarren