I WAS pleased to see plans for 1,600 homes at Staplegrove approved by the council, well done Taunton Deane.

I appreciate development and change is controversial but we desperately need new housing. I am one of many trying to get on the housing ladder, watching house prices become ever more unaffordable.

I was, however, really disappointed to watch 150 people, mainly house owners and over 60-year-olds repeatedly rubbish Taunton (some of whom were councillors) and try to overturn the housing plans!

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I wouldn’t mind if it was for selfless reasons but I fear it wasn’t. Many of them live in houses that were themselves ‘beautiful green fields’ until not so long ago.

I was also disappointed with myself and others for not standing up or attending in support, the silent majority.

You could put it down to work or child care but it’s not really a good enough excuse for something so important.

Cheddon Road