WHY do people want to impose their will and not improve the community in which they live?

Doniford Farm Park cafe and shop, in West Somerset, was a tourist attraction and local resource - a successful business that employed people and co-existed with its neighbours for over six years.

But it was only open from 10am to 6pm.

However, the new owners, Warren Bay Caravan Park, want to create a late-night drinking and entertainment venue, open until 11pm, that will substantially change the peaceful and quiet character of this countryside hamlet.

Even West Somerset Council stated in two previous planning consents (2011 and 2014) that any activities after 6pm would constitute a nuisance and be detrimental to the general public and residents.

So why, when residents try to point this out, do we get accused of trying to stifle business?

Residents don’t object to people trying to create a business for themselves and their family; we already have a number business here.

What we object to is people doing it to the detriment of the wellbeing of their fellow neighbours.

If you look a little closer, residents have genuine concerns and actually support the creation of a local enterprise.

Doniford residents’ concerns are not just for ourselves.

The new owners say they want to have an animal farm. However, there are endangered species all over Doniford Farm, it’s a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) - another reason the premises was limited in its trading activities.

But when we try to protect wildlife and environment again residents are accused of selfishness and preventing enterprise.

It’s hypocritically using the fragile ideal of extra jobs and business to cloak self interest when it’s just a nuisance.

The council is being duped by an economic tale; to ignore the concerns of residents is undermining our traditional belief and faith in democracy.

Who do councillors represent - business persons’ self interest, or their constituents?

Huge damage is being done to our environment and wildlife is disappearing - is it because more influence is given to egocentric people than wildlife?

With no environment and no planet and there would be no place to set up a business!