Amnesty International Minehead

EACH year, Amnesty has a Write for Rights campaign, when people are asked to sign a card or letter and remember people all over the world who are suffering abuses of their human rights.

This year a new global campaign was launched, called BRAVE, to recognise those men and women who have risked everything to speak out against injustice done to others, and as a consequence face harassment, intimidation, ill-treatment and unlawful detention themselves.

From 10am on Friday, December 8, at the Methodist Church Hall in Minehead, the local Amnesty group asks shoppers to call in and sign a card or letter to support a number of cases - the imprisoned chairman of Amnesty in Turkey, a woman demanding justice for her brother shot dead by police in Jamaica, a lawyer in Egypt facing imprisonment for defending victims of human rights abuses, a non-violent protester facing imprisonment in Israel, and an activist in China who has fought against forced evictions for 20 years despite harassment and personal attacks.

A travel ban by the authorities means she cannot collect her International Women of Courage Award.