I AM absolutely disgusted with the recent letters that have suddenly appeared in the County Gazette attacking our MP, Rebecca Pow.

The writers of the letters that have appeared in the last few issues of the County Gazette, make no effort to disguise that they are Liberal Democrat supporters and the continued stream of venom and bile poured out, not only in your newspaper, but other local issues all seem to be recently instigated by the so called resurgence of the Liberal Democrats locally.

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Some of the more moderate members of that political organisation must be squirming with embarrassment at present.

I’m sure our last MP, Jeremy Browne, who was a gentleman, would feel the same.

These writers know very well, including Mr (Gideon) Amos, that our MP cannot respond in the same vein, and in the last 18 years I have served Wellington and Taunton as a councillor I have never known local politics to become so personal and vicious.

I ask all writers, make your point, complain if you have to, but don’t be so vicious and personal about it.

Wellington West and Rockwell Green Councillor