IF you have no answers to criticism, then abuse the critic.

That is how Cllr Bowrah responds to legitimate criticisms of Ms Pow, Taunton Deane MP (‘Defending MP’, Postbag, December 21).

Liberal Democrats and many others have shown that she is wrong to claim Tauntonians are better off from the budget because cuts in tax credits for working families on low wages, added to stagnant growth and falling wages, more than outweigh any increase in the minimum wage.

These are legitimate criticisms of her public role as a politician, not personal abuse.

If Ms Pow or Cllr Bowrah want to argue against such points they are free to do so.

After all Ms Pow gets her own regular column in the County Gazette.

Instead, Cllr Bowrah calls us “vicious”, pouring out “streams of venom and bile”.

The strongest attacks on Ms Pow that I can find in the Gazette is that she should apologise for her out-of-touch remarks and that she lives on another planet from most of her constituents.

How vicious and spiteful can you get?

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If you really want to hear personal attacks, just read what Tory politicians say about each other.

The Tory MP for Bridgwater has made personal attacks on the Leader of Taunton Deane Council that cannot be repeated without Parliamentary Privilege.

Tory newspapers describe Tory MPs who want Parliament to vote on any Brexit deal as “saboteurs” and “mutineers” (Judges who rule in their favour are “Enemies of the People”).

Tory MPs like Nadine Dorries call for fellow MPs to be deselected.

A former Chancellor of the Exchequer describes the current Chancellor’s actions as “grossly irresponsible” and “verging on sabotage”.

On the Conservative Home website the Brexiteers call the Remainers “traitors”.

Need I say more?