MY wife, son and I went to Vivary Park on Christmas Day afternoon. 

We went to spend some time at the memorial bench installed for my brother in law, who tragically died in January. 

It was wet, windy and cold and we were very, very upset, being it was our first Christmas without him.

While the three of us were looking at the bench, lost in our thoughts, we heard a voice behind us. 

There stood a gentleman. At first we did not hear what he said. 

We explained the reason both for being there and for our sadness to which he replied he understood, else why would we be stood there on such an unpleasant weather

He then handed us a gift, turned and left. 

To be honest, we were all completely taken aback. Firstly, by the fact he had appeared from nowhere and secondly, by this true act of kindness. 

Christmas has been extremely difficult for our whole family, as I’m sure anyone who has lost someone important to them will understand. 

However, this genuine act of humanity and compassion certainly gave us a ray of light in what was a very dark day.

We would like to take this opportunity therefore to thank him from the bottom of our broken hearts. 

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