I AM hoping you will print my letter because I would like men to realise that the following is unacceptable!

My son lives in Gravesland Lane, Henlade, and there is a big lay-by at the entrance to this road that is off the A358

I was taking my grandchildren back home last week and as I turned into his road a man was urinating into the hedge in the layby. He had parked up, got out and plainly, in daylight, urinated. Disgusting! 

Then, after I dropped them off, I turned out of their road, only to be confronted by a different man doing exactly the same thing!

What is wrong with these men, it’s not acceptable, not adult, not healthy, causes smells and is downright antisocial. 

Is there any way a camera can be secretly installed to catch these inconsiderate idiots?

Creech St Michael