HAVING attended a question and answer session and the AGM of Somerset County Cricket Club, I am much happier that the club has appointed a local man with both cricket and business knowledge as the new CEO.

It was very refreshing to listen to someone who has clearly come prepared and has, in a very short time, come up with a viable plan for the coming year.

While no one wants to pay more to watch sport, or any entertainment, it has become a reality that costs are increasing rapidly.

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Small increases in previous years have obviously not been sufficient.

The comparisons with the cost of local football and rugby shows clearly that watching Somerset cricket is very good value.

Having read previous correspondence and listened to the arguments regarding pricing, it is clear that many members were unaware of the cost of running the club and of the rules regarding appointment of officers.

We should also welcome any sponsorship of the club, including Cooper Associates, as it keeps the cost of membership to a minimum.

I now hope that, with all the explanations given, that members will get behind the team and the elected officers of the club and hope for a successful season ahead.