I WOULD like to know why, if you are looking for a parking place in the multi-story car park at Musgrove Park Hospital and after going up four floors are unable to find one so decide to leave, they will not allow you to unless you pay a £1.80 parking fee.

This happened to my daughter and grandson, even though she protested and asked them to check CCTV to prove she had not parked.

They refused to lift the barrier to allow her to leave until she had paid as she has been on the premises for 17 minutes.

I believe this to been extortionate. 

My grandson ended up missing his appointment which they had been waiting months for as, after the altercation with the Q park staff, both my daughter and grandson where to upset to continue looking for another space and would have been late for his appointment anyway.

In my opinion it is nothing short of daylight robbery. 

Name and address withheld