IN December last year I was caught driving through the bus gates at Bathpool.

I admitted my mistake and paid the fine.

The circumstances why I did it came down to habit as I had driven this route a couple of times every year for the past 50 years. This is not an excuse but a reason and judging by the amount of money collected by the council, I am not alone.

My main point is that I was driving at around 15 mph and I would consider not endangering man or dog. It was a first offence and I believe that a caution would have been a more suitable line to take.

I live in a village where there is a 30mph limit and no pavement.

The number of vehicles that drive through in excess of 50mph is huge, having been part of the speedwatch team I know this for a fact.

The speeders would receive a written letter cautioning them.

We complained to our council asking for some sort of speed restriction, other than road signs, but nothing of any consequence was or has been done about it, which is why a number of us have given up the speedwatch. What was the point?

So here is my problem; A £60 fine for pootling through something called a bus gate, but a warning for those who drive at 50 mph plus, putting everyone who steps out of their house in considerable danger.

Where is the justice?

I sent a similar letter to Somerset County Council but have yet to receive a reply.


East Horrington