AFTER returning to my birthplace to spend a happy retirement you can imagine my shock at today’s news.

We paid a visit to Bridgwater last Wednesday, February 14, taking a drive over the Quantocks to buy cat food as all supermarket’s in Taunton fluctuate their prices week to week and the saving on three boxes is greater than the cost of petrol.

We returned along the A38, a very familiar route, to call in to Aldi for more savings.

Then, we received letters to say that our pensions had risen. 

Joyful at this we opened our third letter.

Shock... I, being the driver, had a £60 fixed penalty fine - reduced by 50 per cent if paid immediately - for driving through the new bus gate at Monkton Heathfield on the said trip.

What was the point in going? We would have been better paying the inflated supermarket cat food prices in Taunton. 

I have never had a fine in my life and I am sure that many other readers probably feel the same way. A warning letter or better signposting would have been more appropriate. 

During the forthcoming holiday season I’m convinced many old biddies like me toddling along the A38 on their holidays will benefit the council’s coffers, perhaps giving them enough to warn people in proper signage.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the council.

Norton Fitzwarren