A YOUNG cyclist travelling 6,000 miles from England to India has returned home to be near his sick grandmother over the festive season.

Jude Kriwald, 19, hopes to raise £25,000 for Bishop’s Hull-based St Margaret’s Hospice biking across 17 countries to Amritsar.

His gran, Sue Daw, 78, of Taunton, suggested he supported the charity before he set off six months ago – unaware she would be diagnosed with lung cancer shortly before he left and cared for by the hospice.

Jude said: “I originally wanted to do this for St Margaret’s as my grandmother has always told me of the great work they do within the community.

“Now, I have an added motivation as over the last six months while I’ve been away, the hospice has been invaluable in helping my grandmother cope with her cancer as the situation has unfortunately worsened.”

Jude has left his bike in Tajikistan for three weeks as he visits Mrs Row.

He has been entirely self-sufficient as he has so far passed through 13 countries, camped on ice-covered mountain passes, crossed the Alps, survived the desert in Iran and Afghanistan and been chased by a pack of wild dogs.

When he returns in January, he will have to put up with night-time temperatures of minus 30°C, meaning he’ll have to eat plenty of fatty foods to stay warm.

Mrs Daw said: “I’m so proud of Jude’s fund-raising efforts for the hospice.

“I’ve supported them for many years and it’s just lovely to see my grandson help them in such an ambitious way.”

To support Jude’s fundraising efforts, go to www.englandtoindia.com