A NUMBER of fields around Wiveliscombe are being eyed up for a wind farm.

Brendon Energy is looking at building “one or possibly a small number” of wind turbines on the hills circling Wiveliscombe, but wants to gauge public opinion first.

Surveys have been sent to the 2,700 homes in the town and the neighbouring parishes, and the County Gazette has received several letters about the proposals.

Colin Snow, who lives at Huish Champflower, said: “The words ‘inefficient’, ‘erratic’ and ‘unproven’ are constantly coming up when the subject of wind farms is debated.

“Also, the environmental aspect in the small parishes around Wiveliscombe, where it will spoil the landscape and disturb lives, makes the development of wind turbines in this area something that must be resisted at all costs.”

Brendon Energy says no planning application has been lodged and a site is yet to be earmarked.

The turbines would have a hub height of 40-50m and a tip height of 55-75m – equal to a 20-storey building.

Resident Andy Kilbride said: “These proposals represent an environmental disaster.

“Brendon Energy’s claims that these turbines are of a medium size and the visual impact would be minimised are cynical and absurd.

“These gyrating monsters deface the landscape and blight the lives of all who live nearby.”

A spokesman for Brendon Energy said it was not a commercial project and profits earned would benefit the local community.

He said: “If we can identify one or more suitable sites we’ll only proceed to the stage of submitting a planning application if we have support from the community.”