A WOOD worker whose arm was amputated in an industrial accident has told of his close shave with death.

Ron Aspley came to within an inch of his life after he became trapped in a machine and was dragged towards a band-saw.

He screamed for help as he frantically tried to turn off the machine with his foot and was only saved by a colleague who shot across the factory to disable the equipment.

“It was a nasty shock, but it could have been worse,” said Mr Aspley, 56, of Millers Orchard, Fivehead.

“I was cutting posts in the machine when it started dragging me in.

“I couldn’t reach the stop button, but Adrian (Bishop) charged across the room and hit the brake.

“Without him I wouldn’t be here. He saved my life.”

He was freed from the machines by firefighters and volunteer doctor James Hickman and flown to Bristol’s Frenchay Hospital by air ambulance for emergency surgery following the accident at Weavo Fencing, Hatch Beauchamp, 12 days ago.

Mr Aspley, who remained conscious throughout the accident, has been convalescing at home since last Friday.

“A lot of people have come to visit and I went to the Baptist church on Sunday to thank everyone there for praying for me,” said Mr Aspley.

“I’m really grateful to the emergency services, the doctors and nurses who all treated me superbly, my workmates and everyone else.

“I’ve had plenty of time to think about what happened, but I’m just grateful I’m still here.”

Mr Aspley said he will be unable to continue working at Weavo due to his disability, but he plans to look for a new job once he has a prosthetic arm fitted.

He added: “I’m going to continue playing darts for the Crown Inn in the village – one of the team said it was lucky I lost my left arm because I’m right-handed!”

His wife, Lorain, said: “I’m just thankful Ron’s alive and he’s in really good spirits considering everything he’s been through.”