A MOTHER claims a bus service which her son uses to get to school is causing her ‘a big headache’ because it doesn’t turn up.

Jenny Hurley, of Creech St Michael, said the number 27 WebberBus which picks up in Hyde Lane and heads into Taunton regularly leaves people stranded and she said she has had enough.

Her son, Matthew, 17, uses the bus to get into Taunton so he can go to Richard Huish College but Jenny said there have been occasions when he has been stuck at the stop for two hours.

She said: “I could understand when we had the floods and when it’s winter and there are going to be difficulties, but this is happening all the time.

“I am trying to make my son independent but the buses are just not showing up – all I want is a service we are paying for.”

Jenny said her son and a friend waited by the bus stop next to Mecca Bingo in Taunton for two hours but the two scheduled buses did not turn up, meaning she had to drive into town to collect them.

She said: “This cannot go on and it is not just me, it is all the other people stuck at the bus stop who are affected – it needs to be addressed in a big way.”

“There is all this building of houses in Creech and we do not have a decent bus route.”

Another passenger, June Chandler, 83, who had been standing outside in the cold for an hour waiting for the next bus, added: “It happened to me twice last week.

“Everyone who has an appointment gets to the bus stop two hours early to allow for this. It’s hopeless.”

Tim Gardner, managing director at WebberBus, said the firm has had a number of difficulties with the number 27 over the last few months and has now made it a “stand-alone” service.

Mr Gardner added: “The recent flooding has affected traffic flow and we have been experiencing more conges-tion than normal in the Taunton areas.

“However, with the A361 re-opening we should soon start to see vast improvements to the service with less congestion at junction 25 of the M5.

“If we do not see any significant changes we will address the problem in a different way.”