WHETHER it's making mean music, promoting breast cancer awareness or Twitpic-ing every meal - check out those jumbo prawns, Amira! - NEON JUNGLE is the girl group doing things their way.

It's just over a year now since Jess, Asami, Amira and Shereen came onto the scene.

They've since been nominated in GLAMOUR's Women of the Year Awards, had fun at the Brits, and released third single, 'Welcome to the Jungle', a month after the second.

TICKETS, from £35, are on sale at www.uklive.co.uk to see them join Jessie J, Rizzle Kicks, Katy B, Jason Derulo and co at pop-filled day fest, South West Live, hitting Weston Beach on Sunday June 29.

Neon Jungle's Jess caught up with entertainment reporter DAISY BLACKLOCK

Hi Jess, so what's it like being in Neon Jungle a year now?

“It's happened so fast - it's like the quickest my life has gone since I've been born; just incredible. Before a year ago we didn't know each other. Now, I can't imagine not having these three in my life anymore, we've just become family.”

You've already toured with Jessie J as her support - what's she like to work with?

“I'm a really, really big fan of Jessie J, so it was a privilege to be chosen, 'cos I'm sure a lot of people wanted to support her. It was perfect for us.

“She was polite and lovely, and an amazing performer. She literally gives her all.”

Your influences range from Beyoncé to Italian opera - who else do you guys rate?

“We all have completely different influences - pick up our iPods and you'll hear we all listen to completely different music, but can appreciate all different kinds.

“We sometimes describe ourselves as a girl group, but four separate artists.”

Any secret indulgences on the music front?

“I love - love - Celine Dion. I was obsessed with Titanic as a kid. I have all the collectors' items. And ABBA. My mum was a really big fan, so I grew up listening to Dancing Queen and jumping up on the tables to dance.”

What did you make of this year's BritAwards?

“It was incredible to be invited 'cos we're still relatively new, so it was a dream come true. And I really enjoyed being on the red carpet.”

Who got you really star-struck?

“I'm a huge, huge fan of Pharrell Williams, and to see him in the flesh, it was like I was dreaming.”

So what else is Neon Jungle looking forward to in 2014?

“I'm really enjoying the new video for our third single, 'Welcome to the Jungle', because it's really different to what we've done before.

“We can't wait for all the summer time festivals, and all the surprises that are going to pop up.”