THREE senior managers at Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre have blossomed into new roles in the business.

Norma Moore, general manager, Andrew Pitman, plant manager, and Steve Searle, shop manager, are part of a new-look management team.

Norma said: “The next chapter in our story together is our new restaurant opening next year.

“It will seat 350 people and our chefs will prepare food for diners in our new kitchens.

“It represents a wonderful addition to the eateries in Somerset as we’ll be able to offer lunch at any time of the day at times when people want it, and not just serve it between noon and 2pm.

“The menu and options will also be very interesting, so it promises to be a really different project to work on, and when we’re done we’ll be offering our customers some of the best catering in the county.”