A GROUP for people living with dementia, run by Alzheimer’s Society in the Plymouth area, is celebrating its fifth anniversary today (July 10) with a special party to mark the occasion.

The group now sees 50 people regularly attending and is the highlight of the week for many of the members.

Doreen Abott, a member of the group from Plymouth said: ‘When I received the diagnosis of Alzheimers, I thought, I’m glad. It was a relief to be believed.

"I go to Singing for the Brain, I love it, and it goes to show that people can live well with dementia and have a good time.’

Singing for the Brain ® is a programme developed by Alzheimer’s Society for people with memory problems.

"The programme promotes communication through singing which can help with articulation, concentration, focus and motivation. Specially trained facilitators deliver a varied programme of vocal, rhythmic and gentle physical exercise and dance, along with songs from different eras and styles.

Robin Felton, Operations Manager for Alzheimer's Society in Devon and Cornwall said: ‘Even when many memories are hard to retrieve, music can sometimes still be recalled - if only for a short while. The sessions help people with dementia communicate improving their mood and leaving them feeling good about themselves.

‘There are 13,700 people living with dementia in Devon. With the right support people can live well with the condition in their communities.’

The group is held on Thursdays at St Katherine’s in Plymouth.

To find out more about attending Singing for the Brain ® and other services in the area contact Sian Gough on 01752 608908 or log on to alzheimers.org.uk/localinformation