THERE’S disappointment in West Somerset today after one of the Coleridge Way story books is believed to have been taken.

There are six story boxes along the walking path, which have been out since June and are due to finish at the end of August.

The books inside the boxes were started by three published authors – Jackie Morris, Catherine Hyde and Victoria Eveleigh with additional books by Chris Jelly.

Chris is a local storyteller who came up with the story boxes which encourage walkers to read what has been written before them and add an illustration or a bit to the story.

The one which has been taken is the one from St Audries.

Chris said: “What is very frustrating is that this one was started by international artist illustrator Jackie Morris, the book had been in the box for a good few weeks and was amassing some great drawings and story additions by passing walkers.

“It is possible that someone has taken it thinking that it was too precious to leave and so I hope that it will find its way back to the ARTlife offices in Williton in West Somerset.

“But it could just have easily been thrown in the hedge, fingers crossed it is the former and can be returned, the books are in very specific locations, all with land owner permissions.

“So this is a plea for it’s safe return, this book is especially precious as Jackie Morris’ illustration and story came about through visiting myself earlier in the year, so of all the books this one feels the most personal and is more distressing because.

“Last week I retrieved a similar one by Victoria Eveleigh which was located at the Jubilee Hut, Webbers Post.

“Its last entry is of a group of ants moving a massive Whortleberry and exquisitely painted with Whortleberry juice from the site on the Holnicote Estate.

“I twitter images daily just #ColeridgeWay to see.

“It is unfortunate but not unexpected for the books to be lost during this project, but this is the first from the Coleridge Way over the two years, and if there is any chance of its return then that would be fantastic.”