A MOTHER with everything to live for committed suicide, a coroner has ruled.

Carol Kellie, who lived in Stoke St Gregory with her 16-year-old son, was found dead by her father on January 24.

The court heard how the 38-year-old had battled with depression and anxiety for a number of years but was seemingly coping well.

Her family were unaware of her suffering until around four years ago when she collapsed suddenly as a result of starving herself.

Carol’s father, Keith Kelly, told coroner Michael Rose she was not in any financial trouble and was not starving herself to lose weight.

She had a close relationship with her family and visited her parents every morning for a cup of tea at their nearby home.

Carol had come off her medication but then had been feeling tearful and had suffered from panic attacks.

Her mother took her to the doctors where she was given anti-depressants.

Her father discovered the body of his youngest daughter after he went to her home when she did not visit them for her usual catch-up.

The court heard how Carol had suggested suicide to mental health assessors at Foundation House in Taunton but was deemed a ‘moderate risk’.

Concluding, West Somerset coroner Michael Rose said: “Here was a woman who had everything to live for but sadly had a history of depression and anxiety.

"There is so much help nowadays including medication and counselling for depression and I would encourage people to be as honest as possible with their GPs.”

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