A WOMAN who had battled with an addiction to alcohol died from self-neglect and chronic alcohol abuse, a coroner has ruled.

Rosemary Sandford was found dead by her boyfriend on February 7 this year.

The court heard how Rosemary had shunned advice from her doctors who had suggested the 57-year-old be taken into a nursing home.

She had turned to alcohol at a young age after the breakdown of her marriage, and when her two sons were taken off her.

In the weeks leading up to her death, her doctors and nurses had told her that she needed to go into hospital due to her physical health deteriorating.

Dr Anna Lambert, from the Crown Medical Centre, in Taunton, said Rosemary had alcohol dependent syndrome since 1991.

She visited Rosemary in December and said it was clear she was not taking care of herself.

Dr Lambert said: “It was clear alcohol was being taken instead of food.

“There were empty bottles all over the place.

“Mrs Sandford was a very vulnerable lady, she was offered help to improve her condition and her living conditions but refused it.”

PC Andrew Davies, from Taunton Police Station, told the court that he had dealt with Rosemary on a number of occasions over the years.

He had often been called to her home at Lyngford Crescent, and said that there nothing untoward about her death.

He said: “Her flat was always very dirty, as if it had not been cleaned in a long time. The walls were discoloured, and it was a mess.

“There were clothes everywhere and dishes in the sink, some were covered in mould.”

Concluding, West Somerset coroner Michael Rose said: “This is a sad way to end a life. Her death was a tragedy caused by chronic alcohol abuse with a self-neglect factor.”

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