A MAJOR business in Tiverton has unveiled how the latest investment programme has expanded capacity and enhanced the environmental performance of the site.

Aston Manor Cider has increased production on site by ten per cent in the last two years. With significant success in its canning business, a complete new shift was recruited at the beginning of October.

In 2009 Aston Manor Cider, the UK’s largest independent cider maker, bought a site in Tiverton to expand their operation.

It was part of a £10million investment programme for the company and the factory is now a pivotal part of the business.

Five years on the site has increased production, warehousing capacity and jobs – building both the business and its part in the local community.

One of the largest developments is building its own effluent plant. Aston Manor didn’t want the water it used on site to have an impact on the local area.

They worked closely with South West Water so they could treat the factory’s water themselves, removing the burden from the local utility infrastructure. As an additional benefit, this has returned the capacity of the town water works for population growth.

The equipment has also been upgraded with a new multi-packer that shrink-wraps up to 24 cans. This previously had to be outsourced and since commissioning, the business is producing a quality of graphics already regarded as the best in class by the retailers.

Paul Clifford, site director at Tiverton for Aston Manor Cider commented: “We are thrilled with the progress of the site. We are a company that constantly strives to improve, we do this by continually reviewing our processes and machinery.

"The Tiverton factory has really benefited from this and we will continually drive this on as we become a world class factory.”

A new warehouse for can storage has been added to the site, increasing storage capacity by 1,800 pallets.

The site has also been improved aesthetically – with the business about to unveil a new car park and landscaped area which has been built over waste land at the front of the site. This also improves safety, improving the experience for employees.

Paul Clifford said: “We’re very pleased to be able to boost jobs in Tiverton. We are very mindful that as well as supporting the business we need to be a good employer, a good neighbour and play our part in the community where we are based.

"We have recently supported Tiverton Town FC as its main sponsor and are proud to have our leading brand Kingston Press across their kit.”

The Tiverton plant is now a major component in the Aston Manor operation.

The apple juice produced from the company’s own orchards in Worcestershire is blended with other juice to produce a range of different ciders for different markets at home and overseas.