TOP hats and tailcoats . . . we asked our social media users what they thought about Boxing Day hunt meets. Are they a tradition which should be kept alive or is it time they should be forgotten?

On Facebook, Liza Marie Johnn, Hannah Exon-Lippitt, Becky Blackmore, Penny Crout and Nicky Gardner all agreed that the tradition should continue.

Becky said: “I live in Wiveliscombe and it brings the town together on Boxing Day.”

Caroline Holden agreed, saying: “The tradition should be upheld. If people don’t like it they shouldn’t go. It has been a tradition for years, long before some were born.”

Rene Taylor was indifferent. She said: “I’m not for it, but I’m not against it. It’s a traditional way of country life that some city folk will never understand!”

Sally Jackson said: “Hunting foxes with hounds is now against the law. People should keep the tradition alive with a meet for drag hunting following a scent only. That way, people still get to enjoy the social aspect of the sport. Cock fighting and dog fighting also used to be ‘traditional’, but they are now illegal and not practised any more.”

Shaun Nikiel said: “Is killing for fun OK? Yes . . . if you’re ignorant. The ‘tradition’ argument wears thin. Progress isn’t always bad.”

Daniel Edwards said: “If you think all pastimes have stopped just because the law states that it is illegal you need to open your eyes to the world a bit more.”