A BISEXUAL teenager from Somerset has launched a leaflet to help foster parents support LGBT young people.

Emma Willoughby, 18, says the leaflet is intended to help carers with their understanding of a young person who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

She said: “I was living in foster care and the people I was living with were wonderful but they said some things I didn’t really agree with. I am bisexual and it made me feel I couldn’t really talk to them about that.”

Emma’s leaflet spells out the definitions of LGBT terms, offers advice and gives her ‘Top Ten Tips’ to supporting a young person.

She adds: “It also has things you shouldn’t say to someone who thinks they could be LGBT and I really hope that this leaflet helps them approach things in a positive way.

The greater the knowledge, the better their care.”

The Bridgwater student has had help creating her leaflet from the Somerset Fostering Team and Fixers, a charity project which helps young people use their past to fix the future.

Emma said: “Fixers and the Somerset Fostering team have been extremely supportive in helping me to create the leaflet and in getting it out to people.

“The fostering team are helping me get it across the county but I’m hoping that it will eventually reach people all over the country.

“It would be fantastic and hopefully a real help to others.”

A Somerset County Council spokesperson said: “Emma’s leaflet is a fantastic resource, and we’re really happy to give her our backing to begin distributing it to foster carers in the county."