WILLIAM Balthazar Rose will take up a position at the first ever artist-in-residence at The Bishop’s Palace, Wells, at the end of March.

Mr Rose, from Wells, who works from art studios in Somerset and Tuscany, was a boarder at Wells Cathedral School in his youth and recounts his time there as one of his happiest memories of childhood.

He later headed off to California to continue his studies at the University of California and subsequently to launch his professional career.

Art historian and critic Peter Davies has described his work as "sumptuous paintings…both distinctive and idiosyncratic, yet art historically eclectic".

An exhibition of Mr Rose’s work will take place in the Conference Room of the Palace from March 28 until June 26.

His subjects range from a series of religious allegorical ‘cooks’ to luminescent landscapes and metaphysical still lives.

His preferred media are oil paint and fresco. All works in the exhibition will be available for purchase.

The Bishop’s Palace will be offering visitors the chance to take part in a variety of sessions as part of Mr Rose’s post as artist-in-residence, including a portraiture workshop, talks about his work and the opportunity to watch the artist at work, all included in the standard admission price.