THE Chancellor of the Exchequer is being urged to lend a helping hand to the hospitality industry - with a little sweetener from a Taunton businessman.

Chris Ormrod, Prime Minister - or managing director - of Ministry of Cake, is calling for a reduction in VAT charges on the hospitality industry in Wednesday's Budget.

Mr Ormrod says it would not only boost the catering industry but also tourism in the UK.

 He said: "’For a business sector like mine, our Budget aspirations are quite simple.

"We don’t want an increase in corporation tax, as that means reduced investment in business.

"We would prefer that the Chancellor left VAT alone for now, but if it was reduced for the hospitality industry, like they do in France, we might just encourage people to holiday in the UK more - and eat lots of cake.

‘’I would also like him to consider helping company car drivers who do large amounts of mileage, rather than using the ‘one size fits all’ taxation that we have at the moment.

"Some of my team spend two to three days a week in their car and it seems somehow unfair to tax them at the same rate as someone who just has a ‘perk’ car and drives to and from work every day.’’

He sending Mr Osborne a special version of the company's chocolate fudge cake to keep his energy levels up at the dispatch box.

Mr Osborne recently visited the Ministry of Cake, when he tried his hand at making a gateau.