BELLIES have been knocked off top spot in Division A of the Sampford Peverell and district league after losing by seven pins to Bradninch C Club.

Elmore Club and Settler Boys are new joint leaders with Lumberjacks leaping into fourth place.

In Division B, All Blacks are holding on to their lead by one point – but there are now four teams in second place.

DIVISION A – results: Calverleigh 384, Elmore Club 402; Bellies 383, Bradninch C Club 390; Lumberjacks 355, Globe Appley B 328; The Hounds, bye; Redwoods 377, Settler Boys 416; Globe Appley 328, Brass Monkeys 360; Queens Head 341, Barmy Army 351; Globetrotters 409, Castaways 411.

High Scores: 70 – R Lowman (Elmore Club, three spares).

Reports: Calverleigh’s visitors Elmore Club took the lead from the off, and in winning this game also went into joint top spot in the league. The home boys had a difficult game, only taking one leg.

Bellies’ opponents, Bradninch C Club, were in the lead after two legs and though the home team led after four legs the Cricketers won the last two and the game.

Lumberjacks moved into to fourth place with their win over Globe Appley B. The home team won five legs with one being shared.

As Redwoods now stare down the barrel of the gun Settler Boys have broken their losing run. The Boys set the target and were up after the second leg, and then added to their tally to the end. They now go into joint top spot in the League.

On alley first, Globe Appley could not set up enough pins to prevent Brass Monkeys overtaking them and running out comfortable winners. This result means the teams shared the same place in the division.

It wasn’t a good day at the office for Queen’s Head as they narrowly lost to Barmy Army. The Army took the lead from the off, and though they had relinquished that after five legs, pulled enough pins on the last to take the game.

Although Globetrotters and Castaways shared the first and last legs and each won two of the others legs, the away team pulled more pins that the home boys to take a very close game.

DIVISION B – results: Barley Mow, bye; Oggies 369, HCC1 394; Bickleigh 419, Crossways 421; All Blacks 371, The Merriemeade 398; The Agri-Nuts 364, The Beare 359; Bradninch RBL 424, Ayshford Arms 379; Roy’s Rebels 383, Uplowman 380; The Ponies 398, Bullocks 411.

High Scores: 68 – P Crispin (Bradninch RBL, three spares), M Deane (Crossways, two spares one of 20).

Reports: Oggies dropped out of the chasing pack as HCC1 recoreded a nice away win, leading from the start and ending with a 25 pin advantage after taking five of the rubs.

Bickleigh’s low patch continues as second-bottom Crossways took a two pin win. The home side needed 24 pins on the final two for the win and only just failed.

All Blacks are now just one point clear at the top after losing their fourth game in five at the hands of The Merriemeade who went 23 up after two. Merriemeade kept tabs on the last four and came out comfortable winners by 27.

The Agri-Nuts took a much needed home win. Although The Beare led from the off, the Agri-nuts chased to the end. With two of the last four men posting spares they swiped the game by five pins.

Bradninch RBL are now just three points off the top after a much-needed and dominant win against Ayshford Arms, easing home by a very comfortable 45 pins.

Roy’s Rebels finally got a win – after 11 straight losses – at the expense of Uplowman. Their opponents led the entire match until the last rub when the Rebels pulled 18 to steal the game by three.

The Ponies missed out on top spot as Bullocks took a 13 pin win. Bullocks led from the start and won four of the rubs along the way.

DIVISION C – results: HCC2 320, Tiverton Chiefs 319; The Travellers 448, Ashill Inn 411; Huntsham A 395, Halfway House 415; Heathcoat Hulas 385, Booze Cruzers 336; Lion Cubs 482, Knock Em Down 413; The Farmers 357, Catherine Wheel 406; Tiverton RBL 354, Rose & Crown 392.

High Scores: 70 – S Bates (Knock Em Down, three spares); 68 – D Bere (Halfway House), R Gooding, P Fyles (Lion Cubs), three spares; 67 – J Fyles-Legg (Lion Cubs), P Boyce (Knock Em Down) both two spares.

Reports: HCC2 scored a single pin home win against Tiverton Chiefs. HCC2 were on first and took the first three legs to be 12 up at the halfway point. The difference remained at 12 heading in to the last leg, where HCC2 threw their worst leg of the night at 47. Chiefs needed 59 for the draw and came up just one short.

The Travellers brought their three game losing run to an end with a home win against Ashill Inn. Ashill were 18 up after the first leg, then just five after the second. The third and fourth legs were close, but Travellers took the bull by the horns, picking up 11 in the fifth and 20 in the sixth, for a 37 pin win.

Halfway House won away at Huntsham A by 17 pins. Halfway were 20 down after the first leg, but soon had the match back on track with a 21 pin reverse on the third. Set a modest target on the last two legs they passed the target comfortably.

Booze Cruzers suffered a fourth successive defeat away at Heathcoat Hulas. Hulas won all but one leg as Cruzers struggled with a man short.

Lion Cubs dropped just one leg on their way to a 69 pin win against Knock Em Down. Cubs stay four points clear of Catherine Wheel at the top of the table.

Catherine Wheel had an easy 49 pin win at The Farmers to stay second in the table. Catherine Wheel took five out of six legs, with the other drawn.

Rose and Crown made it four straight wins with their victory at Tiverton RBL. R&C won five of the six legs and were 26 up after just two legs, going on to win by 38.