FORGETFUL motorists could be saved hundreds of pounds thanks to a 13-year-old schoolboy’s ingenious business idea.

Harvey Millington set up a limited company to sell a disc he invented to remind drivers when to renew their road tax and MOT.

He came up with the idea when he noticed his father was no longer displaying his car tax disc on his windscreen - following a recent change in the law tax discs were scrapped and vehicle owners’ details are electronically recorded by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Harvey, of Staplegrove, who attends Taunton Academy, has already sold around 300 of his discs at £4 a time through his company “I was with my dad and told him his tax disc had run out,” said Harvey, who has been driving cars around the grounds of the family home since he was five.

“Dad said, ‘No, it’s all technology now and they send you a reminder when it runs out’.

“But people could forget or may have moved, so I invented the disc, which you stick in the car windscreen where the tax disc used to go – it tells you the date your tax and MOT run out.”

After school every day, between football practice, Army cadets and homework, Harvey spends up to an hour sending out orders.

His father, Howard, who runs a number of businesses, including go karts, fencing and garden machinery, gave him £2,000 to get the business started, money Harvey is confident he’ll soon recoup.

Howard said: “His business has gone bonkers – we thought he might sell a few, but it’s gone mental.

“If you don’t renew your road tax you can be fined quite heavily, clamped or have your vehicle taken off you, which gets quite expensive.

“I’m very proud of what Harvey’s done. There’s been lots of business interest and he’s managed to attract sponsorship from a couple of other businesses.”

As well as showing signs of running a successful business like his father, Harvey hopes to emulate his dad behind the wheel – Howard passed his test on his 17th birthday and Harvey is planning to sit the exam the day he reaches the legal age for driving.