DEVON'S flag can now be flown with pride around the county, after a Government decision to end silly' bureaucratic restrictions.

The news has been greeted with delight at Devon County Council, which proudly flew the green, black and white flag last October, despite government regulations, to celebrate Devon and Local Democracy Week.

Previously, only national flags were allowed to be flown - county flags needed planning permission.

Failure to secure this could have, in theory, resulted in prosecution.

Devon County Council Leader Brian Greenslade said: "I am delighted to learn of the Government's decision to end the silly bureaucratic restrictions on the public's right to fly their county flags with pride.

"Devon County Council is proud to fly the Devon flag at County Hall and we have done so to help highlight the nonsense of these restrictions. This is a real victory for commonsense and local county pride and I am really pleased the Government has agreed to make this change"

The Department for Communications and Local Government has now admitted the rules were out of date and overly bureaucratic' and last week issued new guidelines.

What do you think of the flag? Are Devonians proud of their heritage?