DECISIONS taken by the Government over some of the things that happen in Somerset could soon be passed to councils closer to home.

A summit to discuss the potential for the devolution of significant powers from Government to the South-West is due to be attended on Wednesday, August 5, by delegates from over 25 authorities.

Cllr John Osman, leader of Somerset County Council, called the meeting to kick-start a discussion about the future role of devolution in Somerset – and the whole of the region.

The county council is committed to making sure Somerset benefits from any moves towards devolution, which could see key decision-making powers passed down from central government to a more local level.

“These are exciting times,” said Mr Osman.

“We are keen to make the most of devolution and maximise the benefits for our residents who are often left short changed by the traditional formula for funding.

“We in Somerset are already working closely with other authorities to secure greater devolved powers.”

The meeting is at Dillington House, near Ilminster, and is expected to attract around 70 representatives from more than 25 local authorities.